Where to Find Spiritopia in Retail Stores

Specialty Wines & Ciders

Find our new ready-to-drink cocktail, the Ginger Lemon Drop, as well as our Pomegranate Liqueur, and Apple SuperCider at our Tasting Room or in the following Oregon stores. Click on the map and then either select your store or the product you are interested in. Updated 3/25/2020



Spiritopia Ginger, Peppermint, and Pomegranate Liqueurs and Bourbon-Style Apple Brandy are stocked in many liquor stores in Oregon. Any liquor store can order our products from the OLCC warehouse in about a week if you request it. There is also a great tool called oregonliquorsearch.com where you can find stores that carry your favorite spirits near you. Click on the link below and enter "spiritopia" in the product search window. Select the product of interest and (optionally) the town and distance. Voila!

Please click here to check current stock levels at oregonliquorsearch.com

If there is not a store near you, please try our on-line store or stop by the distillery.

Washingtion customers in the Seattle area can try Redmond Ridge Spirits at  (425) 868-5300 or order online.