The Glad Reaper

OK, it's an awkward joke but you must admit that the grim reaper always comes to mind when you see a scythe. And I'm not grim, I'm happy to be back out in the field cutting ryegrass. It's been several years and quite different this time around. During the dark times of regulatory hell when I thought the ryegrass would never get approved, I sold my forage cutter and my screw press. Why? The usual suspects: cashflow and space.

Fast forward to 2019 and the ryegrass whiskey is selling well and developing a fan base. It's time to put away more for the future. We fiddled with the scythe a little bit last time so it was not completely foreign. My friend actually knows how to wield the beast. I got a little coaching and thrashed my way along, albeit gracelessly. You can check out my form here: ScytheVideo2019

We're skipping the screw press and going all in with the cutting so I will keep you posted on how the ferm and distillation turn out.