Spiritopia Pomegranate Liqueur

Spiritopia Pomegranate Liqueur is made from premium California pomegranates!

Our amazing pomegranate juice comes from a farm in central California and is never pasteurized which preserves the color, flavor, and antioxidants. Beginning with this brilliant juice and the Philosophy of Balance, we create a liqueur that is "true to the fruit." The pomegranate is merged with our oak-aged apple brandy which deepens and strengthens the spirit with a beautiful layered complexity. Tiny additions of fruit accentuate and broaden the taste experience. The liqueur is racked and then bottled in small batches with the batch number hand signed on each bottle. We hope you will enjoy this spirit for both sipping and exciting cocktails.

Chris, The Spirit Chemist

PS Since our Pomegranate is made from all fruit and is 21% ABV, it can also be sold as a fortified wine like Port or Vermouth. In Oregon, this means it can be sold in the grocery store and the liquor store (with slightly different label requirements).