Spiritopia Pomegranate Liqueur release party on June 18, 2016

The release date for our long-awaited Pomegranate Liqueur has arrived - the release party will be June 18 from 1-5PM at the distillery. We are very excited about how it turned out and hope you think it was worth the wait. We get amazingly fresh juice direct from the farm in California and marry it to our apple brandy to create a beautiful pom experience.

We have 50 ml samples for bartenders and mixologists, so please contact Chris (541-990-0337) if you would like one. Liqueur tasting at the distillery is free and bottles are for sale for $24.95 (750ml).

For a little more info on the spirit, click here.

Spiritopia Pomegranate Label

Spiritopia Pomegranate Liqueur label