From our founder, The Spirit Chemist

(aka Chris Beatty)


I have worked on sugar and alcohol chemistry for many years. The original plan was to save the world by making clean renewable fuel ethanol from ryegrass and wheat straw. Turns out that the world was not that interested in being saved yet. We'd rather be fracking. Bummer.

While sustainable fuels will have to wait, I realized that my skills in fermentation, distillation, and enzymatic carbohydrate chemistry would be very useful in the spirits business (and probably more fun!). Since whiskey and liqueurs have always been my favorites, those are the areas I decided to pursue. (Since then I have learned how amazing brandy can be when done well.)

The ryegrass research yielded some interesting insights into how that plant might be used to create a truly unique regional whiskey. I love innovation and creating new things. Unfortunately, the Alcohol Trade and Taxation Bureau does not. It took five years to get ryegrass whiskey approved with significant seredipity and luck involved (more about that here). Happily, the liqueurs and brandy have had a smoother road and are now enjoyed by many.

Despite the hurdles, Spiritopia will continue to innovate and bring you amazing flavor captured from the best that nature has to offer.  We emphasize the amazing and eclectic produce of the Pacific Northwest, but will search the world to find the right ingredient when necessary. We are committed to bringing the highest quality product, produced in a way that is sustainable for our planet and our people.

My Philosophy of The Trinity

  • Essence
    The essence is the core flavor of the liqueur. Of course, it may have an important supporting...
  • Spirit
    Is it  a coincidence that the word "spirit" is used to describe our favorite drinks and our...
  • Sweetness
    Sweetness is a key feature that sets liqueurs apart from other spirits. In fact, liqueurs must be...



A philosophy about liqueurs?  Well, yes, and without sounding too highbrow it can be summed up in a single word: balance. Like the three legs of a well-balanced stool, essence, spirit, and sweetness are blended to achieve the perfect pitch. Or maybe like facets of a gem that are cut "just so" to achieve brilliance. Anyway, finding the right balance is one of the key challenges and rewards of being in the spirits business. On the left you can learn a little more about each of the core aspects of a liqueur.