Sparkling Wine – A new dimension of Spiritopia

Earlier this year, we all experienced a lock down that suspended the scurry of everyday life. It was stressful, but I took on a couple of new projects that may have some long-term benefits. I started playing the ukulele. I am still enjoying it, but it may not do much for you! I also starting making sparkling wine. I have always loved champagne and its friends and wondered if it would be a good direction for Spiritopia. As is typical for me when I dive into a subject, I study and practice intensely. (Okay, not so much with ukulele). The world of sparkling wine is fascinating and drew me in. I find that when I first become educated on a subject, it is one of the best times to think about creative contributions to product or process (i.e. "the beginners mind").  As it turns out, there are many processes for making sparkling wine, but only one for making champagne: methode champenoise. It is old and venerable, but ripe for innovation even within its very narrow (French) definition. You will have to catch me at the tasting room to get into the gory details, but let's just say that sparkling wine has captured significant mindshare for me. My first run, a modest 15 cases of a brut rose, is detailed here and will be available for the 2020 Holiday Season.