The Spirit Chemist Factor

Combine a passion for ginger with a deep understanding of the chemistry of sugar and alcohol and you get the finest ginger liqueur in the world.

Our head distiller, The Spirit Chemist (aka Chris Beatty) is a ginger (literally) and a ginger fiend. "I gravitate to ginger in everything from tea to spirits to ginger molasses cookies."

Chris began fermenting and distilling more than a dozen years ago as head of a research team developing biofuel ethanol from wheat straw and grass straw. The company was called Trillium FiberFuels and worked under grants from the National Science Foundation and other agencies. The work was fascinating and showed great potential, but ultimately was not commercialized due to a (temporary) drop in the price of conventional fuels (i.e. fracking).

Eventually, the painful decision to close down Trillium was made and the time to try something new arrived. Chris decided to combine the alcohol production skills with a long-standing love of liqueurs and whiskey to bring some unique products to the growing wave of craft spirits.

A deep dive into the flavor and chemistry of ginger has resulted in what we think is the best ginger liqueur available. We hope you will try it for yourself and agree.