The Gossamer (VIDEO!)

Ginger and Pear with a touch of citrus make an amazing taste combination. To make a delicious and delicate treat I call "The Gossamer," you will need:

2 oz. of pear juice (or a peeled, cored pear if you are a purist)

1 oz. Spiritopia Ginger Liqueur

1 oz. Bacardi Superior or your favorite white rum

1 oz. soda

2  4" lemongrass stalks

The lemongrass I got was not real juicy so I didn't think it would muddle too well. I got out the mini blender and put in all the ingredients. I cranked the blender for a bit and got some interesting green goop. I had to squish it through a screen to get my drink, but the result was lovely. On the second try, I used pear juice and it poured through the strainer just fine. Use an old-fashioned glass with ice. Note: I also tried to substitute lemon juice just to see if it was different. It was good, but not quite as complex. Either way, enjoy!

The Gossamer


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