Red-headed Stepchild

This cocktail was born in a bit of mixology madness that involved a bunch of ingredients and flavors that I love. It was a bit of a mad scientist moment and we didn't quite know what to call it or do with it (other than make more and drink it, which was EASY). Since it didn't bear much resemblance to anything else, it was a bit neglected when it came to naming. And then Sebastian (one of our team) pulled this name out of somewhere and we all had a good laugh at the alignment of bad puns. FYI, Spiritopia is rife with references to "gingers" (a.k.a. redheads) since ginger liqueur was our first product, I am "ginger-haired", and I love all things ginger. Anyway, this is a luscious mix.

1 oz. Spiritopia Ginger Liqueur

1 oz Pomegranate juice

1 oz Brandy

1 oz Tawny Port

1 oz Soda water

Garnish and/or muddle with two blackberries.


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