Inglourious Basterd

Titled from the 2009 Brad Pitt flick, this creation is actually quite glorious. While I am typically not a huge anise guy, the Krogstad Gamle Aquavit from House Spirits is nicely nuanced with star anise, caraway, and oak. Derek Lianos of Rye in Eugene creatively paired it with our Spiritopia Apple Liqueur and a nice orange liqueur. The oak aging of the apple liqueur teams up nicely with the barrel-aged aquavit and the orange adds a bit of citrus bitter. Here is his recipe:

2 oz Gamle Barrel Aged Aquavit

1 oz Spiritopia Apple Liqueur

1/2 oz Pierre Ferrond Dry French Curacao

Add ingredients into a mixing vessel, stir, and strain into a cocktail glass with no garnish. Excellent complexity and unique flavor.

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