Re-use of Spiritopia Bottles starts now.

I am pleased to announce that Spiritopia will now buy back your empty Spiritopia bottle at the distillery for a dollar. It's good product stewardship and it works out for us as the bottle costs more than a dollar to buy. Using recycled glass saves about 30% of the energy required, but re-filling saves much more. I did not find definitive numbers easily, but you can imagine the energy savings of not having to re-melt glass (~2700F). Our new laminated labels are much more durable and sometimes we can simply wash the bottle and wipe off the batch number with "heads" from the still run. New batch, new cork, new fill and we are good to go. If the label is damaged, we have to scrape it off and re-label. This is a bit of a pain, but is doable and we will still take the bottle back. This is only available in our tasting room (open W 11-2:30, Sat 1-5 and by appt). No other purchase necessary, 375 or 750 ml accepted. Directions to the tasting room can be found at
Save that glass and hope to see you soon.