Peppermint Liqueur

Did you know that Oregon is the #1 peppermint producer in the United States? We work with a local farm just a few miles from the distillery in Corvallis to transform those dark green leaves into a "min-tense" experience. Think of our peppermint liqueur as a local and less sweet version of the classic peppermint schnapps. We only use the beautiful, complex Willamette strain peppermint grown here in the valley. It is a sip of heaven in a mug of dark hot chocolate (we recommend Ghirardelli's). Or, if you are looking for a bit of "antifreeze" during your favorite winter sports, look no further. Available at Oregon liquor stores and the Spiritopia tasting room.




DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL Sunset Magazine International Spirits Competition

GOLD MEDAL Denver International Spirits Competition