Hand Sanitizer

Spiritopia has been making hand sanitizer following the W.H.O. protocol since mid-March. Initially, much of it was donated to first responders, customers, and caretakers of the elderly. Demand from businesses quickly grew due to the lack of availability and increased need. Materials have been challenging to procure, but we are currently offering two main sizes:

50 ml (a.k.a. "airplane") bottles. These are free for customers that drop in or request delivery. For businesses that want many bottles for their employees, the cost is $1.50 per bottle.

1 Gallon Plastic Jugs are also available and are $40 each.

I try to keep some spray bottles available and there are sometimes other sizes available. We have also done a number of custom orders for clients as needed. Please contact Chris at 541-990-0337 if you have any questions.