Ginger Lemon Drop

We have been making Ginger Lemon Drop cocktails with our Ginger Liqueur for years and love them. When we decided to make a ready-to-drink cocktail, it was a natural choice.

The twist was to use a wine base. Why? To be honest, a big part was so that we could sell it in nicer grocery stores and wine shops to reach more folks who might enjoy it! So, we start with a mellow, Oregon pinot gris and distill a bit of it. This newly made brandy is added to the wine to boost the alcohol percentage up to cocktail levels. Then we build the cocktail with organic lemon peel, organic sugar, and the same organic ginger we use in the liqueur.

The result is a bold citrusy cocktail with a nice undertone of ginger. The best part is that we have done the work and you can just pour it over ice or chill and serve. 187ml 16%ABV.

Awards Wine Press Northwest rated the Ginger Lemon Drop as "Outstanding" in the 2020 NW Fortified Wines Competition. For the full review, click here.