Ginger Lemon Drop gets “Outstanding” Review from Wine Press NW

Spiritopia Ginger Lemon Drop was rated "Outstanding" in the Fall 2020 Wine Press Northwest Fortified Wine review.  Here is the summary from that issue:

"Corvallis chemist Chris Beatty starts with Pinot Gris as the base for this dangerously easy to drink elixir.  It's super-charged with brandy to create a wine-distilled cocktail that includes organic lemon peel, organic sugar, and organic ginger.  It is unfiltered, so there's a bit of cloudiness in the glass.  On the nose, there's no sense of the alcohol.  Instead, it's reminiscent of an inviting Arnold Palmer.  The drink begins with the lemon and lime, while the ginger picks up on the midpalate and comes across as a balancing bit of spiciness, masking the alcohol.  "it's damn interesting and very well-made," said one judge."