Free Sanitizer update

Events around the coronavirus are evolving very quickly. School closures, lockdowns, many scary numbers. A small piece of good news is that the FDA and the TTB have allowed distilleries to help out by making hand sanitizer from alcohol. We will continue to give away 2 oz bottles for free at the distillery tasting room this Saturday March 21 from 12-5pm. No purchase required, but donations and purchases are gladly accepted during these difficult times. Limit one bottle per person per day. We have about 200 in stock and will make more as needed if we are allowed to stay open.

Businesses are also contacting me. While I would love to give away sanitizer to them as well, the simple truth is Spiritopia cannot afford it. Frankly, the business may not survive this crisis at all. The plan for now is to charge businesses $1.50 for a 2 oz. bottle if they want to acquire some for customer-facing employees. There is also the option of a 16 oz spray bottle for surfaces for $10. For now, there will likely be limits on the amount you can buy unless you are a medical institution or first responder. I have placed an order for more alcohol and we will know in a week or so if they will be able to deliver.

Reminders: These sanitizers are for external use only. Do not drink or even taste! Not kidding! They are also quite flammable - do not smoke or use near any other ignition sources, especially the businesses using the spray. Finally, remember that the hand sanitizer is for when you are away from soap and running water which is deemed the better solution. Stay safe!