Free Hand Sanitizer at the tasting room!

We are all battling COVID-19 together. Many steps are being taken and Spiritopia is trying to help everyone stay healthy. Due to extreme demand, hand sanitizer is hard to find. It is not a complicated formula and I realized that I could make it pretty quickly. So I am making a batch for free distribution to anyone who visits the tasting room at Spiritopia (Saturdays 12-5pm). The formula is based on recommendations of the World Health Organization and has only three ingredients: alcohol (kills bacteria and viruses), hydrogen peroxide (also kils bacteria and viruses), and glycerol (softens skin to avoid the drying effect of alcohol). No purchase required. Of course, your support during this difficult time is appreciated as nearly all of our events have been canceled to help slow the spread. Limit of one 50ml bottle per person per day. Also remember that a good hand washing with warm water and soap is even better at keeping your hands clean. Save the sanitizer for those situations where you don't have access.

Spiritopia is also donating plastic 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon buckets which are being converted into hand washing stations by a local humanitarian for the homeless population. The virus may be especially troublesome for those who don't have access to quality health care.

Take care and stay healthy!