Fino Bistro Bar Pizzeria in Portland

Spirit maker's dinner: $3 slice of pizza and an $8 cocktail! After finishing a tasting event in the Kenton district of Portland, I needed to re-fuel before heading home. Just a couple doors down was Fino, a decent looking joint with slices of pizza. When I sat down to order, I also found a surprisingly interesting cocktail menu. "King for a Day" caught my eye right away since it contained ginger and other fav ingredients. As it turned out, the pizza was very good and the cocktail even better. I asked about the origin of the cocktail and it was invented by the gent who was making it - one Will Stenberg. I went home and promtly made myself another one that was "improved" by using Spiritopia Ginger Liqueur instead of ginger beer. I hope Will would approve. In any case, thanks and nice job - it's a great drink. To create: a flute of prosecco is married with about a half ounce each of brandy, Spiritopia ginger liqueur, and Drambuie. Garnish with lemon peel. Enjoy.