Coming in 2015: Spiritopia Apple Liqueur

If you've been watching our Facebook page (, you probably already know that our next product will be apple. It has all happened sort of organically (no pun intended, or, wait, maybe I did). We have made and tried several things, but as soon as we started making apple, it won us over. First, we ferment apple juice into a super strength hard cider. Then we distill it into apple brandy and put it into an oak barrel. When it is ready, we blend the brandy with cider and apple juice to get a sweet - tart - boozy balance. The result is nothing short of amazing. I'm not sure there has ever been so much apple flavor crammed into one bottle (about a half a bushel of apples per bottle). And, by the way, there is nothing but apple in the recipe (although some flavor comes from the oak barrel). Early reviewers are loving it and we hope you will, too! We sometimes have test batches at the distillery now and hope that the production release will be in the Fall or slightly sooner. As a bonus, mixing the Apple with the Ginger (2:1) is really fun also. Stop by and try it soon.