Spiritopia Apple

Spiritopia Apple

Sip NW loves Spiritopia Apple:

“You can taste the layers of hard work that went into creating Spiritopia Apple. exquisitely dense and silky end product that’s been intimately laced with apple. The aroma leads with a blast of the sweet fruit, which transitions to a woody bite from American oak barrels. The rustic smoke sticks to the back of the throat as the flavor finishes with the taste of scrumptious and refreshing apple juice.” Full Review

A.K.A. The Beverage Formerly Known as Spiritopia Apple Liqueur. Why the change? It has to do with classification and the arcane rules around wine and spirits. Spiritopia Apple is  made with nothing but Pacific NorthWest apples, so it is technically a fortified cider/apple wine. By changing the alcohol percentage a small amount to 21%, we are able to re-classify as a cider. This in turn allows us to offer the product in a lot more places in Oregon such as grocery stores.  While the label is a bit different to conform to the rules, the amazing taste is the same. SuperCider is a unique all-apple libation bursting with the flavor of 30 apples in every bottle (375 ml). Seven varieties of Pacific Northwest apples are juiced and fermented slowly with yeast that enhance the aroma. The hard cider is distilled in small batches to create a delicate apple brandy. Charred American oak barrels contribute nuances that complement the sweet-tart apples. Once the brandy is mature, Spiritopia Apple is made by carefully blending the brandy, the cider, and the juice. No other fruits, grains, colors, or flavors are used. Spiritopia Apple has a balanced, intense apple flavor that is unmatched.

Chris Beatty, The Spirit Chemist