What is a Dry Liqueur?

Does this mean Spiritopia Liqueurs have no sugar? Well, actually, no. That would not even be legal as the TTB rules state that a liqueur must have at least 2.5 % sugar (which may come from fruit juice, cane, honey, etc). Most conventional liqueurs have much more sweetness, often 10-12 times the minimum required.

Spiritopia liqueurs are different. Using the philosophy of balance, we dial back on the sweetness to allow the essential flavor shine through.

"True to the fruit and root" is what we say.

Our newest family member, pomegranate liqueur, is a great example. The graph below shows the relative sweetness of Spiritopia versus two other prominent brands.

Pomegranate Liqueur Sweetness

Spiritopia Pomegranate is less sweet and more real pomegranate flavor.

The difference is clear - Spiritopia Pomegranate is less sweet which allows you to enjoy the mouth-watering tartness that makes pomegranate special. Whether sipping neat or creating a brilliant cocktail, the experience is more pomegranate and less sugar.

So, is it sugar-free? Of course not. Maybe we should say "dri-er", but it's a little clumsy. The important point is that Spiritopia Liqueurs are an intense flavor experience that is true to the source and less sweet.

We hope you enjoy them.