“Classic” Apple Brandy

Our first brandy is the atypical "Bourbon Style" with it's robust flavor and racy 102 proof. That's what charred oak will do to ya. During an infrequent mellower mood, I also put away some of our brandy into toasted oak which is the historic practice. This does not dominate the apple so much and results in a taste that is more balanced between the wood and the original fruit. After a year in new oak, I transferred the spirit to a well-used Pinot Noir barrel to mature and soften (i.e. a finishing cask). After only a month, I can tell it was a good choice. The fruit is coming forward while the oak is taking on a supporting role.

Update: The color has become a warm salmon-y shade that is lovely. It's now been 24 months and the influences of the various casks have melded and mellowed. 375ml for $29.95.