Bourbon Style Apple Brandy

Our first apple brandy is affectionately called "Bourbon Style." This is for two reasons: First, it is aged in charred American oak barrels as opposed to toasted French Oak barrels. While this may seem to be a fine point, it makes a very large difference in the taste profile. Most of what is tasted in an aged spirit comes from the barrel and charred American oak has a character more like a bourbon or whiskey than a typical brandy. Actually, new charred American oak is one of the key things that defines Bourbon (there are also rules about distilling practice that we follow and the use of grains that we don't as this spirit is 100% Pacific Northwest apples).  We also bottled at near cask strength (102 proof). We tried proofing down to the typical 80, but it just dulled it a bit. So, there it is: Bourbon Style Apple Brandy. One of my winemaker friends calls it "Barbarian Brandy" and I embrace the term but probably can't use it for legal reasons (sigh). I wanted a unique look for the bottle, but the direct printing I liked required major tooling and huge run sizes. So, I modified a screen printing fixture and we hand print the bottles ourselves. It's a fun, hand-crafted feel and the spirit is bold and beautiful. Stop by the tasting room to check it out. Availability: 375ml available at the distillery only, 750ml at the distillery and by special order through OLCC (3712B).